Fix Your Joy-Con Drift in 5 Steps

Fix Your Joy-Con Drift in 5 Steps

Discover five simple steps to finally fix the annoying Joy-Con drift issue plaguing your Nintendo Switch gaming experience.

Welcome to an adventure where we learn to fix one of the sneakiest villains in gaming: Joy-Con drift!

Welcome to an adventure where we learn to fix one of the sneakiest villains in gaming: Joy-Con drift! Imagine you’re playing your favorite game, but your character starts moving on its own. Yikes! Let’s dive into how to fix this pesky problem and get you back in the game!

Understanding Joy-Con Drift

First, we’ll talk about what Joy-Con drift actually is. It’s like when your character has a mind of its own. We’ll also discuss why it can be super annoying when you’re trying to play.

What is Joy-Con Drift?

This is when your game character moves without you telling it to. Imagine trying to stand still, but your legs start walking on their own!

Why Does it Matter?

It’s like trying to draw a straight line with a wiggly ruler. Super frustrating! We want to game without our tools giving us a hard time.

Gather the Right Tools

Every hero needs their sword! We’ll need some tools to help us battle the drift.

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List of Needed Tools

Just like a wizard needs a wand, we’ll need some tools for our task. We’ll list them out, so you know what to grab!

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing the Drift

Now, follow these steps like a treasure map that leads to victory over the Joy-Con drift.

Step 1: Opening Your Joy-Con

Carefully open your Joy-Con, like opening a secret chest, to get to the hidden treasure inside.

Step 2: Locating the Joystick

Find the joystick. It’s the part we’ll fix, sort of like finding the hero’s shield in a game.

Step 3: Removing the Joystick

We’ll remove the old joystick with care, like pulling a sword from a stone.

Step 4: Placing the New Joystick

Now, put in the new joystick as if you’re placing the key into a magic lock.

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Step 5: Closing Your Joy-Con

Time to close up the Joy-Con, shield up, ready to go back into battle!

Testing Your Repaired Joy-Con

Like a knight testing their armor, let’s make sure your Joy-Con is ready for action!

Step Instructions
1 Power off your Nintendo Switch
2 Remove the Joy-Con from the Switch
3 Use compressed air to blow out any debris under the joystick
4 Apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to a cotton swab and clean around the joystick
5 Allow the Joy-Con to dry completely before reattaching it to the Switch
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How to Test

We’ll play a game to see if our character stays put when we’re not moving the joystick.

When to Seek a Professional

Sometimes, even heroes need a little help. We’ll learn when it’s time to get a trusty wizard (a professional!) to help us.

Finding Help Nearby

When your Joy-Con drift seems too tricky to handle on your own, it might be time to seek the assistance of a professional. Just like in a game where you need to find a healer in your village to restore your health, seeking a professional can save the day when DIY methods aren’t cutting it.

If you’re facing a tough boss battle with your Nintendo Switch and are struggling to fix it, don’t worry! You can search for a reliable repair shop near you to help get your gaming gear back in top shape. These professionals are like the wise old wizards of our gaming world, equipped with the knowledge and skills to banish the Joy-Con drift curse once and for all.

Preventing Future Joy-Con Drift

Let’s learn how to protect our Joy-Cons from drifting again. It’s like learning a spell to keep the bad guys away!

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Tips to Keep Your Joy-Con Safe

We’ll go over some tips to make sure your Joy-Con stays working perfectly, like keeping your gear safe in an RPG game.

1. Clean Your Joy-Con Regularly: Just like you tidy up your room to keep it neat, cleaning your Joy-Con can prevent dust and dirt from causing drift. Use a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol to gently wipe the joystick and buttons.

2. Avoid Spills: Imagine your Joy-Con is a delicate flower that doesn’t like water. Try not to spill any drinks or snacks on it, as liquids can seep into the joystick and cause issues.

3. Store Properly: When you’re not using your Joy-Con, make sure to store it in a safe place. Keep it away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and places where it might get crushed or bumped around.

4. Update Your Firmware: Sometimes, Nintendo releases updates that can help prevent drift. Make sure to keep your Switch system and Joy-Cons updated to the latest firmware to avoid potential issues.

By following these simple tips, you can help keep your Joy-Con in top shape and continue your gaming adventures without any unexpected interruptions. Remember, a well-cared-for Joy-Con is a happy Joy-Con!


Great job, adventurer! You’ve successfully learned how to fix Joy-Con drift. No more unexpected movements while gaming – you’re back on track! Keep on playing and enjoy your gaming adventures without any detours. Game on, friends!


Do you have more questions about fixing Joy-Con drift? Let’s answer some common ones and make sure you’re totally ready for your next gaming quest.

Why does my Joy-Con drift?

Sometimes parts wear out or get dirty, causing the drift. It’s like when a knight’s armor starts to rust – it doesn’t work as well anymore!

Can I fix the drift all by myself?

With the right tools and this guide, you surely can give it a try! It’s like following a treasure map to find the hidden treasure.

What if my Joy-Con still drifts after I fix it?

Sometimes the magic doesn’t work, and that’s when you may need to visit a professional repair wizard! Even the bravest heroes sometimes need a little help from an expert.

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